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They are easily the most annoying insects out there, and they arrive in mass as soon as the weathestarts to heat up. The approach of the summer always brings its due invasion of these pesky little creatures, and they won’t hesitate in ruining pretty much any outdoor activity you plan. Also: they aren’t very sanitary.

As such, it is important to take as many precautions as possible to avoid their arrival to our homes. For those interested of doing so the natural way, here are some mosquito facts that can help you prepare:

Mosquitoes need food: They don’t feed only from the blood they take when they bite; fruit and vegetables will also pick their interest, so be sure to keep them in a sealed place or in the fridge.

Mosquitoes breed on water: This is mostly for people with pools or ponds in their gardens. Mosquitoes lay their eggs on dark spots on still water, up to 300 depending on the available water-mass. A good way to prevent this is to keep the water surface agitated, such as with regular clean up. Keep an eye on other places such as birdbaths, gutters, pet water dishes and any kind of container.

Just in case, don’t forget to check for places where water accumulates indoors too.

Keep an eye on the plants: Mosquitoes are attracted to the humidity of your indoor plants, as they feed of them too, so make sure to not water them excessively. They should also have appropriate drains so the water doesn’t get stuck. As for the outside garden, it is better to keep the grass mown short.


Now the thing is, no matter how much you prepare, some mosquitoes will still manage to get to your house. For this, there has always existed a variety of homemade techniques you can use to further your protection:

Use vinegar as bait: Mosquitoes happen to love vinegar. You can use this by pouring it in a container and cover it with plastic. Then make small holes on the plastic, and put the whole thing in a place where mosquitoes usually appear. The smell of the vinegar will draw them to the container, but they will be unable to get out and drown. A bit cruel, but effective.

Natural repellents: Lavender, lemongrass, alfalfa, rosemary, geranium and basil are all natural mosquito-repellent. You can grow any of these near your entrance door or windows so mosquitoes will naturally avoid your home.

Wear protective clothes: As you can guess, wearing long sleeves and pant will protect your arms and legs better, although we know that may be a problem in the summer. Another tip is to wear light colors in clothes, as they tend to attract fewer mosquitos.

Be careful of smells: This one should be obvious, but sometimes that is the reason why we don’t pay attention. Sweet smells attract mosquitoes like crazy, and this does include your perfume.

Mosquito Control Charlotte NC 

All these recommendations, however, work only if you are dealing with an average mosquito population or as prevention for their arrival. Using a pesticide is an option too, but you want to be carefulin the way you apply it: read the instructions on the labels and follow them to the letter. For that matter, make sure the brand and type of pesticide you purchase will meet your specific requirements, as there are pesticides for all kind of situations and purposes.

But if your problem falls into a bigger category, it is a better idea to request help from a professional. Careless use of pesticide can beharmful not only to people, pets and the environment, it may not even have the desired effect on your pest control. In the same way, finding the origin of the plague can be a bigger challenge than you can manage, but professionals have the right tools to locate them and make sure they don’t come back.

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