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Bed bugs have the annoying habit of appearing all year long. Unlike flies and ants, which are annoying but at least they are a problem one season a year, bed bugs are known for arriving at any time.

However, it is harder to catch them than other plagues; you usually notice them because of the consequences they bring you. So how do we know if they are present? You may be comfortable about your house’s sanitary state, but what if you go elsewhere? Maybe you are planning a trip with the family this summer? It is always a good idea to check for these pesky little friends in every new place you intend to sleep in.

How to search for bed bugs

Unlike popular belief, you can actually see bed bugs, but you really need to pay attention. Mature ones are reddish-brown and have a sort of flattened little body. The size is similar to an apple-seed. Of course, if there are adult bed bugs then there are small ones somewhere too: those would be smaller, three millimeters at the most and yellowish-transparent. Finally, eggs are the hardest, as they are very tiny white balls, one millimeter in size.

However if you are just getting to a new place, the hotel where you will spend your vacations or a nice cabin on the woods, there are some places you can check to make sure there is no trail of them:

• Remove all the sheets in order to check on the mattresses seams, especially the corners. You are looking for suspicious stains and spots, and if the problem is bad you may actually find a bug or two. Of course, if this is a place you paid for better to change rooms (or even hotels) as soon as possible.
• Check the small places in the room, house or cabin before you unpack any of your belongingsBed bugs are not actually only found in bed, they can invade your clothes, drapes and even your car. Top places for bugs to hide on a room are also behind furniture: headboards, sofas and so on.
• Use a plastic bag or other kind of cover as base and protection for your suitcase throughout the whole trip. This way you make sure no bug returns with you to your home.
• If you want to be especially cautious with your belongings, you can place your clothes and any other thing made of fabric inside of plastic bags before you pack them. This way if something happens with the luggage, your clothes are still protected.
• If you suspect your belongings may have been in contact with bugs anyway, repeat the throughout inspection of your suitcase before you get it inside your house and vacuum it extensively before storing. Bed bugs are great at hitchhiking inside your things, so the best way to defend yourself is prevention. You can also spray it with repellent in order to kill any remaining bug.
• Wash all the clothes you took to the trip, even if you didn’t use them. Make sure to use hot water to do it, which will ensure that everything remaining goes away.

Finally, let us point out that finding one bed bug isn’t instantaneous synonym of an infestation, in the same way that finding one ant or fly isn’t an infestation either. So keep calm and observe the area to make sure there aren’t any more. However, if your search displays a bigger number of bugs, it is time to call a professional.


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