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As the summer makes its coming ever more present, social events start to move to the outside in hopes of to take advantage of fresh air. But if your yard hosts a large amount of mosquitos, the event can be very much ruined because of it. There is nothing more invasive to someone’s comfort than the annoying buzz of mosquitos, so no guest would remain unbothered.

There are several options in the market for these situations with different degrees success. Let us make a list of the most known ones, so you can make an informed decision of how to deal with these annoying insects.

Bug zappers

These devices effectively kill big amount of bugs in the houses they are installed on. The problem is that there’s no relevant percentage of mosquitos in those bugs (less than 10% according to several studies), but they do kill other bugs such as beetles and mots. They even kill bugs that are actually beneficial to your yard as predators of other pests.

The problem is that the fluorescent lights they use to attract insects are not particularly attractive to mosquitoes. They are however veryattractive to midges, which look very much like mosquitoes and most homeowners wouldn’t know how to tell the difference. So you will certainly hear of people who swear by the effectiveness of zappers, but science has proven time again that they don’t work.

Ultrasonic repellers

As it is with zappers, scientific reviews have proven their ineffectiveness, as they don’t seem to influence mosquito behavior one way or another. They are still popular because they supposedly provide a clean way to deal with the problem, as no pesticide is in use. This would be ideal except for the fact that it doesn’t work.

Also, ultrasound devices are known to have negative effects on pets, as they have a greater sensibility to sound than us.


This is the most used method to avoid mosquitoes, and for once it actually works. They contain a chemical known as DEET, which basically affects mosquitos so they have a hard time finding you. While this is effective for one person, it isn’t enough for protecting a whole crowd in an event.

However it can help your cause if you have repellent available during the occasion for people to use. You can offer bug wipes at the entrance or keep a bottle of repellent in the bathroom, so that guests can also protect themselves.

Mosquito candles

This is a viable option depending on the size of venue. Mosquito candles effectively repel insects because they release known repellant chemicals when they burn, such as citronella oil. The effect works for up to 36 hours, which should be enough for any event.

The problem comes when the venue is too large and/or open for the candles to make effect. In these instances, burning mosquito-candles work mostly as prevention. Still, as with repellant, they can aid you in the process. The guests only remain orderly in one place during the meal, so you can at least protect them then by burning a candle in each table. You will also have an easier time keeping the place where you serve the food unbothered if you have candles near.

Mosquito yard treatments

This isn’t a DIY option, but it would be the most effective if it is really important that no mosquitoes are left to ruin your event. A mosquito control professional visits your home 24 to 48 hours before the event, and sprays the yard with pest-control products. Which of course will be gone by the moment your event starts, and so will be the mosquitoes.

In summary, the larger the spaces, the harder it will be to control insects. If you only have a small gathering in the backyard you may do just fine with a candle and some repellent. However, if we are speaking of a populated event in a large venue, such as a wedding or birthday party, you may want to go for the safest option and contact a professional right away.



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