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Apart from being the most annoying bug there is, having mosquitos around can have some problematic influences to your family’s health. They arrive in large number during the summer, attracted to standing water in or around your house, as that is the place where they lay their eggs. There are many different types of mosquito, but they all have the characteristic of sucking blood when they bite.

mosquito bite is an interesting process. Have you realized that you don’t usually feel them while they are biting? This is because they coat that part of skin in saliva, which has properties that numb the place and also work as an antiseptic. Because of this, you don’t feel when the mosquito sinks its tiny serrated mandibles in you, even if you will be feeling it the next day.

With the little teeth already sunk on your skin, the mosquito probes around with its proboscis in search of a blood vessel. When it finally finds one, it starts sucking the blood out. It may not seem like it takes out a lot, since they are very small creatures, but they can suck up to three times their weight.

In the end you get lovely red spots. And they itch.

Still, it wouldn’t be so bad if it ended there. They would be annoying little animals, but nothing more. The problem is they can also carry a myriad of diseases, some of which are deadly without proper treatment. As a matter of fact, around a million people die from mosquito-transmitted diseases in the world every year. Here’s a list of the most problematic diseases mosquitoes bring to communities all around the globe:

Malaria: This ancient disease has historically wiped out hundreds of thousands of people, although as you may guess it has been controlled on the US area for many decades. However it preys in tropical and sub-tropical locations around the world, so if you are going to an exotic beach for vacation, you may want to learn if you need a shot or two before going.

Chikungunya: This is another virus that makes its way into the US with travellers, mainly visitors to the Caribbean. As of 2016, more than 650 cases have been reported from around the country, although they have all been transmitted overseas. It is not lethal, but the term chikungunya means “that which bends up” in a dialect from Mozambique, describing the terrible joint pain the affected suffers.

Dengue: Being a problem closer to home, dengue has become an increasingly common issue, with limited outbreaks appearing in places such as Texas, Hawaii and Florida. Although it doesn’t have a high mortality rate, symptoms are very uncomfortable and grow in seriousness if they aren’t treated.

Zika: This is the most recent villain in the insect world, although it is a rarely deadly virus. It causes different degrees of fever, joint pain, rashes and conjunctivitis. The real problem appears when the infected person in an expecting mother, as during pregnancy zika virus can cause a birth defect called microcephaly and other severe brain defects. The known outbreaks come from rural zones in Brazil, but the World Health Organization has declared the virus a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” on February 2016.

Although these issues may seem distant, they show reasons why controlling mosquitos is a must for the health and comfort of your family. If you want more information on how to protect your home, don’t hesitate in contacting a professional to assist you.



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