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The cockroach is one of the worse pest issues a homeowner can experience. What makes them so nasty is the fact that they are drawn to waste and decaying matter, carrying bacteria with them afterwards which can be source of many diseases and poison your food if they get near it. They have also been proven to cause allergies, asthma and the sight of them is just plain bothersome. It makes some people scream.

How to find  Cockroaches

This pest is around all year long, although they prefer warm weather over cold. If they are living outside they will easily take residence up in a tree (for this they are also widely known as “Palmetto Bugs”) or in a flowerbed, as they also need a source of moisture. In those situations they feed of wood particles, fungi and tiny insects. In the cities it is also very common to find them on the sewer system or where garbage gets collected, as they are very good at decomposing organic matter.

Inside the house

Cockroaches will try to settle in a warm place where they have easy access to water and food. In their search for this place they can sneak into our homes through any small whole such as under the door (if there is no weather stripping), open windows, garages or even carried by a household member in a shopping bag.

Once inside they will prefer the kitchen and bathrooms, but also laundry rooms and basements. They will go to the least used rooms on the house so they can hide successfully, and crawl around mostly at night (they are nocturnal species). They can feed from pretty much anything they find, such as crumbs, scraps of food or pet food.

As they prefer to wander at night, it is very possible that you find their droppings first. Those would appear in dark, hidden places such as the back of pantries or behind appliances.

Pest Control

Removing the access to moisture and food are the main steps to control cockroaches. For this it is important to do constant cleaning in our homes, vacuuming regularly and taking away possible shelters.

Another important aspect is to close their paths to the inside of the house, maybe using some caulk to seal holes in walls or foundation. You may also need to make some changes in your landscape to remove features that result attractive to cockroaches. There are different chemicals that can be used as well, such as gel or granular bait and residual insecticides. These work for different situations so it is a good idea to consult a professional in how to use them. Having professional advice will also assure a complete and effective job.

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