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Cockroaches are one of the most resilient insects there is. They are also one of the oldest species in the planet and are able to survive in any place a human can live. They were originally from tropical climate, but have adapted to most climate zones. They are also closely associated to human structures, because they can manage to live in all of them.

While we will always have cockroaches in the outside, the problem comes when they decide to make a tour inside the house. They quickly generate unsanitary conditions that can deteriorate the health of those near. They are not usually dangerous in themselves, but the like to walk over garbage or crawl from down the sewer before reaching your kitchen’s food. Any edible touched by a cockroach is very likely to get contaminated and induce problems both short and long term. Some illnesses associated to cockroaches are:

•Food poisoning

Cockroaches inside home

Although cockroaches are highly adaptable, they need access to food, water and heat in order to survive. Human houses provide easy access to all of them, which is why they are regular inhabitants of dark and hidden places in houses and buildings. Although they will reside in kitchens and bathrooms if they can get away with it, they also thrive in less-transited rooms such as basements, greenhouses or any room containing piping, plumbing or sewers. The warmer the room the better.

Another aspect that helps cockroaches keep hidden is the fact that they have nocturnal tendencies, so they are the most active when everyone else is sleeping. If they are seen though, they can run away incredibly fast.

Cockroaches are omnivorous scavengers, so they can feed from a wide variety of sources, another reason for their easy adaptability. If they live on the yard they will feed from organic matter and decaying plant material, but if they live inside they can feed from pretty much anything a human eats, but also from pet food, glue, fabric, toothpaste, soap, leather and others. Moreover, they can also survive for weeks without any food or water.

Cockroach prevention

As with most other pests, prevention is about keeping a clean and tidy home, and prevent access from the outside to our kitchens. For this end, regular cleaning including vacuuming is necessary, as well as keeping any food out of reach as best as possible. Crumbs, spills or food remains should be cleared right away, the trash should be disposed of daily and dishes should be washed promptly.

You should also inspect the house for wholes or cracks in walls, doors and windows. Also remove any unnecessary source of water or moisture, with special care in plumbing leaks. If you feel it necessary, you can use a dehumidifier to deal with excess moisture.

Cockroach control

If you are suffering from a cockroach infestation, the best bet is to get professional help from the start. As previously said, the cockroach is probably the most adaptable insect there is, and when it comes to getting rid of them it shows. If they have settled inside a place, getting rid of them will present a big problem. They are very good at hiding and their eggs are highly resistant to insecticide.

Professional knowledge and specialized tools are needed in these situations, else this pest can be around for years, on and off or continuously. Be sure to call licensed experts to help you resolve this problem.

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