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Our History

Need local exterminators? Look no further. Read on for more on our experience providing pest control services to the Charlotte area.

In 1940, Boyce Black founded a one man termite control company. It consisted of a little, green 1940 Ford car that pulled a treating unit behind it in a little green trailer.

In 1956, Mr. Black incorporated the company and named it Southern Pest Control, Inc.

He operated under that name until 1966 when he sold Southern Pest to an employee and founded Southern Termite Control, Inc. He was the sole owner and Chief Executive Officer until his death in 1986. Mr. Black loved the pest control business and serving his many loyal customers! He passed away with a heart attack on a Friday afternoon while in his office working. He was 78 years old.

His grandson, James Boyce Black, Jr. (Jon) had the opportunity to work with his grandfather during summer vacations for several years. By watching his grandfather, Jon learned the value of hard work and dealing honestly with people in every phase of life and business.

When Jon finished college, he purchased the assets of Southern Termite Control, Inc., formed his own company and named it Black Pest Control, Inc. in honor of his grandfather, Boyce Black.

Black Pest Control, Inc., operated for 20 years, growing by leaps and bounds. In 2008, the company was restructured and renamed Black Pest Prevention, LLC. Jon Black is the Chief Executive Officer and Nicole Carpenter, great granddaughter of Boyce Black and niece of Jon Black, was named President of the company in 2014. She graduated from N.C. State and joined the company in 2011.

Black Pest Prevention is a family owned and operated company that has spanned four generations whose success is due to top rated service and ultimate customer relations.


Pest Control

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