New Year’s Pest Resolution: Police Your Pantry!

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Don’t leave unintended presents behind for rodents, roaches, beetles, moths and other kitchen pests!

Family favorites, cookie swaps, party appetizers — there are a lot of holiday recipes that include rarely-used ingredients which, if stored improperly, can end up attracting pantry pests as we enter the new year.

Here’s a few tips from Black Pest Prevention to help hide the welcome mat from these interlopers:

  • Take time to review your existing supplies. Check expiration dates, inspect packages for damage and avoid purchasing duplicate items to minimize the need for extended storage. When in doubt, throw it out!
  • When purchasing new ingredients, you should similarly inspect packaging and check expiry dates. You don’t want bring any unwelcome guests home with you!
  • After opening manufacturer packaging, take care when storing what’s left. Reusable plastic or glass storage containers, vacuum storage systems and resealable plastic bags will thwart pests and maintain freshness.
  • Holiday cooking – especially baking – tends to be big and messy — leaving flour, sugar and other ingredients flung to the far corners of your kitchen. Set aside extra time for incremental pick-up as well as a thorough cleaning when you’re done.

Once kitchen pests gain a foothold in your pantry, they can spread and multiply quickly, so it’s important to dispose of any contaminated items as soon as possible. Your next step should always be to contact the professionals at Black Pest Prevention for treatment. We’ll bring you the gift of a pest-free 2020!

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