Get Rid Of Those Revolting Cockroaches!

Bp Roach

Cockroaches are one of the most common insect infestations in the US, including the southeast overall and North Carolina in particular.

Once cockroaches get a foothold, they can be a stubborn, embarrassing nuisance. Here’s a few best practices for cockroach control to minimize the risk.

  • Clean up your kitchen… and everywhere else. Anywhere you prepare or eat food can be a source of trouble. Never leave food out — regularly take a look for crumbs and spills in kids’ rooms and play areas, around the favorite snack-time recliner, and avoid leaving dirty dishes in your sink. Check outdoor cooking areas as well.
  • Pouring boiling water down your drain often will help kill any insects, as well as eggs, that may be hiding. Hot leftover coffee, tea or water from cooking pasta work well.
  • Roaches can make their way inside your home through bathroom plumbing as well. Plugging up bathroom drains is a preventative measure a homeowner can take. Plumbing leaks can also be an issue as roaches are attracted to tiny amounts of water.
  • Do not leave pet bowls with food out. Make sure the bowls are entirely clean when going to bed at night. Make sure the place that you store your furry friends’ food is tightly sealed as well.
  • Roaches are attracted to refuse in general, so making sure your garbage can areas are tightly sealed and no garbage is left for too long will be very helpful.
  • Roaches will also eat paper and glue found in the bindings of books. Do not leave magazines or newspaper lying around for a long time. A suggestion is to put them in containers removed from the floor if you plan on keeping them.

Once an infestation has happened, you must figure out how the roaches are getting inside. Black Pest can help with cockroach control! Schedule a appointment today or point out problems during your next regular preventive service to eradicate your roaches!

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