Test Your Spidey Senses This Winter!

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Many spiders provide natural outdoor pest control — but that doesn’t mean you want to invite them in!

While spiders do their part to keep flies and other flying pests at bay, most people like to enjoy their webwork from a distance! Spiders can contaminate your pantry and kitchen and, depending on the variety, can cause a health risk if stumbled upon.

  • Keep it clean and clear. Spiders prefer secluded, low traffic areas where their webs will remain undisturbed by humans. Keep clothes, shoes, boxes and other clutter off your floor, and be sure to peek inside or shake out any such items before blindly sticking your hand or foot in.
  • Look out for hideaways! Spiders can easily hitch a ride into your home in firewood, seasonal decorations, or groceries and other items brought in from other location. It’s always worth a quick glance to make sure nothing’s trying sneak in
  • Seal it up! Cold weather is a great time to track down and seal up cracks or crevices that have developed around your home. Not only will it help you stay warm and cozy, but it will eliminate an easy entry point for your eight-legged friends.
  • Bites never result in superpowers. While most common house spiders pose little or no physical risk, any spider that bites can potentially be a problem. Venom from species such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse can cause serious complications. So, when in doubt, see a healthcare professional.

It’s best to be proactive — if you are seeing spiders, there’s probably more you’re not seeing. Call Black Pest and we’ll safely and effectively implement spider control methods. Also remember that spider control and web clean up is included in our regular quarterly service.

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