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Don’t Like Carolina Weather? Wait A Minute!
So far, this has been a crazy winter in the Charlotte area!
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It’s Never Too Early To Start Thinking About Mosquitoes!
Carolinians enjoy an occasional winter snow, but they enjoy getting back to the outdoors even more​!
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Sugar Ants Don’t Make For Sweet Houseguests!
Black Pest can help you get rid of these relentless little critters!
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Your Christmas Tree Might Hide Unwanted Presents!
Look for for the Spotted Lantern Fly on your tree!
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All This Rain’s Making Mountains Out Of Ant Hills!
Wet weather is driving ants into the safe haven of your home. Black Pest can help!
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Watch For Termites During Swarming Season!
Whether homegrown or imported, termites can be one of the most serious threats to Carolina homeowners.
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Save Yourself From The Attack Of The Mosquitoes!
Outdoor family fun has never been more important. Black Pest can help keep mosquitoes from spoiling the party!
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Set Your Sights On Not Getting Stung This Summer!
Spring and summer are primetime for wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects. Black Pest can help!
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Test Your Spidey Senses This Winter!
Many spiders provide natural outdoor pest control — but that doesn’t mean you want to invite them in!
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Get Rid Of Those Revolting Cockroaches!
Cockroaches are one of the most common insect infestations in the US, including the southeast overall and North Carolina in particular.
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New Year’s Pest Resolution: Police Your Pantry!
Don’t leave unintended presents behind for rodents, roaches, beetles, moths and other kitchen pests!
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