Set Your Sights On Not Getting Stung This Summer!

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Spring and summer are primetime for wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects. Black Pest can help!

Nothing plays havoc with outdoor family activities — or walk-in traffic to your place of business — like the sudden appearance of a bunch of marauding stingers! Unlike many pests, pretreatment isn’t necessarily effective against yellow jackets, bees and other flying nesting insects. Our regular inspections, though, are your first line of defense. We clean eaves of cobwebs and any existing nests, making any new nests easy to spot.

Dry, warm weather can also create in-ground nesting opportunities for these interlopers, so we also watch for them around the perimeter of your home or business when we apply preventive treatments.

It’s impossible to totally prevent intrusion from wasps and other swarming stingers. But, you don’t have to end up balanced on a ladder yourself, avoiding overspray, and risking a sting (or stings). As long as you’re taking advantage of an ongoing Black Pest Prevention program, keep your distance, give us a call and we’ll take care of any nests you discover. Not only is this service provided at no additional cost — we can usually respond the same business day or early the next.

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