Save Yourself From The Attack Of The Mosquitoes!

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Outdoor family fun has never been more important. Black Pest can help keep mosquitoes from spoiling the party!

Anyone who’s lived in the Carolinas very long knows that a cloud of mosquitoes is just about the surest way to ruin any outdoor activity. Not only are they a huge nuisance, but they can carry illness that can affect your loved ones, employees, customers and even pets.

If you are part of our regular prevention and maintenance program, we watch for any potential breeding ground for these pests. There are also a few simple things you can be on the lookout for.

Standing water is the number one attraction for breeding mosquitoes. Lakes, ponds, creeks — any natural water source could potentially create a problem. But any artificial body of water such as a fish pond, birdbath and even a slowly-draining potted plant – especially those left uncleaned and undisturbed — is even more likely to harbor these pests. Thick, shaded vegetation that tends to hold moisture is another potential hiding spot.

Minimizing these hot spots, eliminating them, or keeping them cleaned and cleared regularly will reduce the chances of having a mosquito problem. If they show up despite your best efforts, we offer standalone mosquito treatment that can provide relief.

So, if you see mosquitoes on the attack, give Black Pest a call and take your backyard back!

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