Sugar Ants Don’t Make For Sweet Houseguests!

Bp Ants 421

Black Pest can help you get rid of these relentless little critters!

Odorous house ants (Tapinoma sissile) are a common ant found around the Charlotte area. Every year these ants or “sugar ants” as some people call them, seem to infest anything they can. They feed on sugars and proteins, and can take advantage of many different food sources including: crumbs left on the floor, pet food, and spilled drinks. During the spring, these ants will come out from the areas in which they overwintered, and come out in great numbers. Keep a look out for ants trailing on the exterior of the home at this time of year because it is best to catch them on the outside before they come inside! Black Pest utilizes a few different strategies with ants including, liquid, gel bait, and granular bait treatments. Give us a call today for your ant needs.

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