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Black Pest’s top exterminators serve the Rock Hill community for home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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Eco-Friendly Pest Control Black Pest works constantly to learn about the latest treatments and methods for responsible pest control that’s family-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally sound. Learn More

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FAQ about pest control

How do I know I have pests?

Do you see lines of insects on your countertop, or is your furniture nibbled, or do you hear odd noises from behind walls? Those are clear signs. Our exterminators can identify the type of unwanted visitors you have and apply the right treatment.

What can I do to keep pests out of my home?

Home exterminators agree that routine property upkeep, such as garden maintenance, is great for keeping pests out. Also, don't forget to seal gaps under doors, walls, and floors and manage your garbage properly. Lastly, schedule regular inspections to be 100% sure your house is pest-free.

Can pests harm my family or pets?

Yes. Pests cause allergies and asthma and transmit diseases like Zika, Lyme disease, rabies, and more. That’s why it's vital to work with a pest control company that knows how to deal with local species. Our local exterminators only employ solutions that are safe for your kids and furry friends. 

What methods do you use?

It all depends on the critters bothering you and where they are located. Our home exterminators will use only the latest in ecological pest management technology to provide a long-lasting solution.

Should I schedule home pest control regularly?

The frequency of our visits depends on many factors, like your home's size and past infestation experiences. Most houses need just a seasonal check, while communities close to breeding grounds (like forests or wilderness) might need to see us every month. Our friendly home exterminators will recommend the best schedule for your case.

Same-Day Service
Same-Day Service Guarantee Monday -
Friday, not including holidays.*
*Next day service guaranteed when you call before noon for service scheduled for Monday - Friday. Specialty services such as PreventionPlus® are not included, as preparation is needed prior to service. Same day service restrictions may apply for certain treatment plans.
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Fast Response

Fast Response

Same-Day Service Guarantee Monday - Friday, not including holidays.

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Local Family Business

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you see pests after we leave, we'll come back at no extra cost.

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Safe for Family & Pets

Safe for Family & Pets

Eco-friendly pest control that cares for your loved ones.

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You can Rely on us

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We’re not done until you feel comfortable in a pest-free home.

  • Safe and Effective Services

    Get powerful and long-lasting local pest eradication, all while treating your family, home, and the environment with respect.

  • NPMA-certified

    Black Pest only uses NPMA certified technicians.

Our Garanty

Same-day, green, family-friendly pest control

Have critters invaded your home, and you need them out today? Do you want to protect it against future potential infestations? Black Pest's home pest control professionals in Rock Hill can help!

For more than 80 years our pest control company has dealt with local species and developed a specific approach for each of them. We get rid of creeps like: 

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Rats and mice
  • Spiders
  • …and more! Just ask!

We do it with treatments that are safe for our planet and, more importantly, for your kids, pests, and living space. And the best part? You can schedule al visit the same day you call us!


Timely solutions with no hidden fees

Each day that you let pests roam free at your home, you risk them damaging it more. 

We’ll provide a localized solution that targets their nesting grounds to yank out the problem at the root. Then we'll apply deterrents in and outside to prevent them from coming back.

Our professional home exterminators are all NPMA-certified to use effective solutions. And if worrying about the cost is stopping you, be sure that we never oversell our products, don't push for add-ons you don't need, and don't charge hidden fees. 

Ask one of your neighbors who has worked with us for a referral and get an additional discount!


Caring for your home, kids, and pets

We all have families and furry companions at this company, so our mission is to make solutions that are kind to your loved ones and to the planet.

We've trained our residential pest control team in the latest eco-friendly, EPA-approved methods. They will effectively remove unwanted critters with minimum risk to your place. You can carry on with your day while we solve the problem.

Reach out and a friendly exterminator will arrive, detect the problem, and propose an action plan. They will answer all your doubts and provide costs before starting. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Same Day Service
Same Day Service Guarantee Monday - Friday, not including holidays. Next day service is guaranteed when you call before noon for service scheduled for Monday - Friday. Specialty services such as PreventionPlus are not included, as preparation is needed prior to service.

Relax, leave it to the pros, and save!

If you have unwanted visitors, your best bet is to call a professional residential pest control company. Playing home exterminator can lead to several challenges and risks:

  • Property damage: If you don't detect or deal with pests on time, your house can suffer (and cost you big bucks to repair it).
  • Health risks: The wrong pesticide can harm you, your family, or your furry friends. Avoid using illegal pesticides, which are easily found in local stores.
  • Inadequate solutions: As mentioned above, inadequate products will not end the infestation. In fact, they will most likely make it worse.
  • Misidentification: Fire ants are not the same as black carpenter ones. A trained professional must apply the right treatment for every bug. A mistake can be costly and worsen the problem.
  • Time and cost: A seasoned exterminator can do an effective job in one visit, saving you time and thus money.  

Sit back, relax, and let us take care of you. We're glad to help a neighbor out!

How to pest-proof your home

What's next after our services? Here are some tips by our exterminators to help you safeguard you all year round:

  • Garden maintenance: Keep branches far from the house, and clear out gutters to prevent standing water.
  • Clean!: Vacuum and clean floors, counters, and cabinets.
  • Proper waste disposal: Seal garbage bins tightly and dispose of rubbish. Set up compost bins away from the house.
  • Reduce moisture: Fix leaks in faucets and pipes and use dehumidifiers. A damp home is a breeding ground for pests.
  • Leave pests out: Use caulk to seal potential entry points around windows, doors, and foundations.
  • Don't let your food out in the open: Seal dry goods and store ripe fruits in the fridge.

If you notice any sign of infestation, our professional exterminators can inspect to clear any doubts.

Read What Our Customers Have to Say

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The staff was very friendly, professional and not pushy at all about the service. I would hire them in the future.

Brooke L.


I am a long time customer--always satisfied with the service. Last time however, there were still a few spiderwebs on the house-- I called and they sent someone out right away for a thorough redo. I am still a very satisfied customer. Great customer service from office to service staff.

Ruth Roper


Great! Everyone was considerate of my time and inconvenience. Also, every single person I spoke to or met was professional, courteous and friendly.

Cheryl B.


We've used Black Pest for the past 16yrs. Started with our first home and we've continued to use them for each home after moving twice. Always professional, easy to work with, their treatments are effective and in the few times we've needed additional treatments between scheduled visits, they've come out at no additional charge. Have recommended to many neighbors and friends who have same experience.

Kevin Reyes


I’ve used Black Pest for over 10 years and have never had a bad experience. They even respond when I call about seeing a bug or two in my house.

Sarah Noelke

Goog Bbbrt2 Group 4566006

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