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Since 1940, our family has provided effective and affordable local pest control services to Charlotte – as well as Matthews, Mooresville, Rock Hill and most of the surrounding metro area. We treat for ants, roaches, rodents… or anything else you might find lurking in or around your home! Depending on your needs, we also offer specific, state-of-art services for the control and prevention of termites and mosquitoes. No matter what pest is bugging you, Black Pest has the solution!

All This Rain’s Making Mountains Out Of Ant Hills!

All This Rain’s Making Mountains Out Of Ant Hills!

Wet weather is driving ants into the safe haven of your home. Black Pest can help! While heavy rains the last several weeks have been welcomed by gardeners and are helping our yards stay green, many homeowners have discovered an unfortunate side effect. Ants have been...

Set Your Sights On Not Getting Stung This Summer!

Set Your Sights On Not Getting Stung This Summer!

Spring and summer are primetime for wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects. Black Pest can help! Nothing plays havoc with outdoor family activities — or walk-in traffic to your place of business — like the sudden appearance of a bunch of marauding stingers! Unlike...

We pride ourselves in protecting Carolina families!

You may need a single same-day service for an pest emergency. Perhaps you’re considering a comprehensive service program to prevent future problems. Either way, families looking to Black Pest for Charlotte pest control never have to deal with high-pressure sales tactics, hidden fees or add-on services. We want to save our customers some money whenever we can. In fact, you can get a discount for letting a friend know you’re happy with the work we do.

So, if you need local pest control help with anything creepy or crawly, call 704-522-9222 or drop us an email today. We’ll be in touch shortly!

When you invite Black Pest Prevention into your home to work, our primary goal is most certainly to keep you, your family and your surroundings pest-free. But we also always strive to keep you, your children, and your property safe while we do that.

We don’t like pests, but we love the environment.

It’s the nature of our industry to use powerful and effective chemicals, baits and other products. Black Pest works constantly to learn about the latest treatments and methods for responsible pest control that’s family-friendly, pet-friendly, and environmentally sound. That makes Black Pest Prevention your smart choice. It’s our world– let’s protect it together!


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